Immerse UK introduces Matterport Pro Camera to the UK

UK-based Immerse UK offers information about the Matterport Pro Camera to the United Kingdom. The company is the authorized dealer for the Matterport Pro virtual space camera.  

Immerse UK is pleased to announce that it has been selected as the authorized dealer for the Matterport Pro Camera in the United Kingdom. The Matterport is easy to use and suitable for businesses and individuals who want to collect accurate visual and spatial data. The data collection capability allows the camera to accurately map an entire space in a matter of minutes. The result is a fully immersive virtual image that feels real. It is almost like being in the space physically.

Immerse UK  have been selected to serve as the dealer for the Matterport pro camera UK product. Any business which depends upon two-dimensional photography or video to create content or communicate with stakeholders, as well as to document projects, knows the power and importance of visual images.


Use Matterport UK to enhance your business, or, better yet, make Matterport your business. Many firms are using the technology we developed in order to attract more clients, reduce costs and impress stakeholders.

The camera is less expensive that a DSLR camera and requires no professional training in order to operate it effectively. The device pays for itself after only a few uses. The Matterpport Pro is able create three-dimensional and virtual reality content. It is built to catch the attention of audiences and to grow the size of the audiences.


matterport pro camera

Business growth is possible with the use of the product. Engaged clients are engaged and provided with a different perspective of the space or the product of interest. Clients form an emotional and lasting connection to the VR spaces. The use of the Matterport is a way to reduce costs, by avoiding the payment of fees to outside professionals. By focusing on genuine clients, employee productivity is optimised.

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